Our specialists are well qualified to provide any services including inter alia:

  • Filing and prosecution of national and European patent applications
  • Validation of European patents
  • Patent translations
  • Opposition & Litigation
  • Searches including legal status report - we maintain our own up-to-date databases of Latvian patents, validated and extended European patents
  • Freedom to operate opinions
  • Legal advice

National Phase of an international patent application according to the PCT filed on/after 1 March 2007 cannot be directly entered into Latvia. The designation or election of Latvia according to PCT Art. 2 (viii) shall be regarded as request to obtain a European patent that acts in Latvia according to the EPC.

REQUIRED information and documents

I. National patent application:

  • name and address of applicant and inventor,
  • description, claims, drawings (if any) and abstract,
  • priority document, if applicable (can be filed within 16 months from the priority date).

NB    Power of Attorney, Assignment from inventor to applicant, Designation of inventor - not required.

II. Extension of European patent  to Latvia:
(European patent application filed between 1 May 1995 and 30 June 2005).
IIa. Validation of European patent  in Latvia:
(European patent application filed on/after 1 July 2005).

  • Decision to Grant OR EP patent number and date of B1 publication

NB     London Agreement - translation of claims only, specification in any of the EPO official languages

          Power of Attorney - not required
    3 months time limit for filing the translation may not be extended
    Re-establishment of rights to file the translation will be granted if a valid reason has been proved

III. Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC) for human and veterinary medicinal products, and plant protection products
(A request for SPC shall be filed according to the European Council Regulations (EEC) No 469/2009 of 6 May 2009 (human and veterinary products),  or No. 1610/96 of 23 July 1996 (plant protection products) which are in force in Latvia since 1 May 2004)

  • Name and address of applicant
  • Name of product
  • Copy of the first marketing authorisation in Latvia (for all formulations and dosages)
  • Copy of the first marketing authorisation in the Community/EEA, if any, or copy of publication mentioning such authorisation, in which the product is identified
  • Copy of the Summary of the Product Characteristics (SPC) according to

-    Art. 11 of Directive 2001/83/EEC (human products), or
-    Art. 14 of Directive 2001/82/EEC (veterinary products), or  
-    Directive 91/414/EEC, Annex II, Part A.1 (points 1-7) or Part B.1 (points 1-7) (plant protection products),

NB    EMEA marketing authorisations are in force in Latvia and are useful for seeking SPC      

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