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Industrial designs refer to the ornamental or visual aspects of goods. Designs can also be protected by registration – legal protection is granted to a registered design if it is new and has individual character.

Our attorneys advise on the best way to protect designs, also in light of the interrelation between registered designs, unregistered design rights and copyright. The main advantage of a registered design over an unregistered design right (copyright) is that an unregistered design right can only be used to prevent copying, whereas a registered design is a true monopoly and applies even if the alleged infringer created the same or a similar design independently and without copying.

Our attorneys advise on the registration of designs and represent the client in this process in Latvia and the European Community. Through a well-established network of associates we secure our client’s design rights in countries outside Europe. Our attorneys are experienced in filing and prosecution of registered designs worldwide dealing with any problems, which may arise before or after the registration (official objection or third party opposition, infringement of registered and unregistered design rights and copyright).


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