Customs and Trade

Our team is one of the few in Lithuania having extensive expertise in the area of international trade and customs law. We provide complete legal service related to commodity supply, representation of the clients in the national customs authorities, preparing them for the inspection procedures and representing in disputes.

Avoiding compliance to the national customs and international trade requirements can lead to financial risks or increase the transaction costs for the companies acting in the international trade. Our legal experts with profound and in-depth know-how help completing transactions, managing risks related to the customs law and avoiding any other non-compliance issues. We assist export and import companies in optimising their commodity supply, protecting their interests while entering foreign markets and ensuring the enforcement of the trade requirements.

We provide the following services:

  • Advise on the classification of the goods, customs valuations, issues related to the origin of the goods and special customs procedures;
  • Help our clients enforcing their rights during customs inspection;
  • Represent clients during the pre-trial stage of a dispute with the Customs Department and in court proceedings against the customs authorities;
  • Advise on the implementation of customs rules and procedures;
  • Advise on trade defence instruments – anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguarding measures and represent in disputes over importer obligations;
  • Advise on the trade issues concerning excisable goods;
  • Advise on export issues, help evaluating the export and shipping requirements of the certain goods, as well as obtaining permits from the public authorities;
  • Prepare international purchase, sales, distribution, transportation and other contracts;
  • Advise on issues of the protection and use of intellectual property;
  • Organise trainings in the area of customs law.

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